ERM Debuts Video Course Previews

The traditional course map gives you a nice overview of the race route from the sky. While this works fine, we often get questions about the course that can’t be answered by simply looking at the map. Is that section of the course on pavement, or gravel, or grass? Just how bad is that hill? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can tour the course before you step out of the door!

The course preview will show mile marks, highlight special course features to take note of, and show you the lay of the land. You’ve trained hard to prepare yourself for a race, and the course preview can give you the last bit of confidence you need to plan your strategy and prepare mentally.  We are still perfecting the presentation and will continue to add features based on your feedback. Take a look at the video above (we know it’s a little long – we’re working on it!) and share your thoughts!



Current Mile Is Always Shown in Top Left Corner


Video Pauses At Mile Marks


Important Course Features Are Highlighted In Yellow


When The Exact Course Cannot Be Followed, A Message Is Displayed

Course previews will be available for select races beginning in spring of 2013!

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